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Incorporated in 1996, Tomato Thyme Corporation (Tomato Thyme) was established with the goal of providing quality tasting and flavorful tomatoes to customers. Owner, Javier Torres, noticed during his many years in the food service industry that a lot of people he came across had stopped eating tomatoes. Their reason was due to the lack of flavor found in tomatoes available in supermarkets at the time. As a result, he sorted out to find growers who had what the market was missing– true vine-ripe flavor tasting tomatoes. He then partnered with Donald Bither and from there Tomato Thyme was borne. In 2007, Javier became the sole owner of Tomato Thyme Corporation.

Javier grew up with his family being involved in the food service industry. At a very young age, he would accompany his father to the farmers market where they would sell tomatoes, asparagus, prune and other vegetables. At age fifteen (15) Javier began selling vine-ripe tomatoes to various farmers markets in Atlanta, GA with the help of his brother, Frank Torres. Frank would purchase vine-ripe tomatoes from four-star farms in the Tampa Bay area and ship to Javier in Atlanta to be sold at the farmers market. This is how Javier got to learn exactly what people wanted. Before purchasing, buyers at that time would first cut and taste the tomatoes; instead of buying with their eyes. If they liked it, then, they would buy the tomatoes, if not they were on to the next supplier.

In 1994 Javier left Atlanta and returned to Florida and later began servicing retail stores and food service restaurants with then partner, Donald Bither. In 1999, Javier and Don sold the food service portion of the business and began focusing primarily on supplying Retailers and Food Service suppliers with vine-ripe tomatoes. With demand for their flavorful and quality tomatoes, the need for a company farm was imminent! In 1999, Tomato Thyme leased its first farm in Plant City, a five acre property. Currently, the company has farms in Sarasota- Florida, West Palm Beach- Florida, Decatur- Georgia, Dillard- Georgia, and Dayton-Tennessee. In 2005, Tomato Thyme purchased its present headquarter and packing facility, a 15-acre property.

The company continues to service Retailers, Wholesalers, and Food Service Suppliers in the United States and Canada. Javier’s enthusiasm and commitment to providing customers not only quality but flavorful tomatoes serves as the fundamental function of Tomato Thyme.

Images of Tomato Thyme farm land