“OMG! My husband purchased Tasty-Lee tomatoes for me recently. I LOVE them so much. They remind me of the tomatoes I ate as a child in Ohio. Such flavor! I love them so much I just wash and eat whole. One tasti bite at a time! Thanks” – Cynthia W.

“Just ate your Red Diamond tomatoes for the first time and they were as good as the Red Diamond wine I drink!” - Mike D

“Wow….finally tomatoes that have great taste…..a few weeks ago I bought my first batch of “Tasti-Lee” tomatoes and was pleasantly surprised I could find tomatoes that are ripe and have a great flavor….I don’t normally write on things like this, but after eating another Tasti-Lee tonight….I thought I should complement your firm and growers.” –Jack R.

“Great tomatoes just bought for the first time at Schnucks market Washington Mo. Hope they can keep these in the store all winter long….” “Tomato Thyme has the greatest tomatoes I have had in over 20 years. I purchased a four-tomato package on sale at Publix in Florida where I live. Each one was a quality vine ripened tomato only seen up north. I took one out to use and placed the others in the refrigerator. Buying 4 at the same time I was afraid I would lose at least one to overripe rot. Not at all. Each and every one was fresh, red inside and out, delicious, and I will go out of my way to continue buying them. Thank you Tomato Thyme for such a superior product!” – Kay M.

“For the last 21 years, I have spent winter in St. Petersburg. I eat tomatoes every day, but I never found delicious tomatoes in Florida. This year I discovered Tasti-Lee tomatoes; they are delicious, excellent flavor, and taste just like tomatoes in Italy. Congratulations !!! I will continue buying your product every week.” –Diane M.

“My father used to grow tomatoes, tons of rich, flavorful tomatoes each summer back in Nebraska, over 50 years ago. Since those days I vowed to never eat the ersatz tomatoes commonly found in today's market. Tasty-Lee tomatoes made me violate my vow! WOW what terrific tomat[o]es.” –Jon M

“We are in Florida for the winter months and my friend guy page and I just love your tomatoes. They remind us of our field tomatoes we have back home in the summertime…Just to tell you that we as Canadians think you have the best tomatoes in Florida, thanks Tasti-lee.” –Andre R.

“I bought the Red Diamond brand of grape tomatoes and they are delicious.” -Helene

“Tasti-lee tomatoes are the best thing to hit the grocery stores in as long as I can remember. A tomato that tastes like a tomato!! They remind me of my grandfather's tomatoes:) Please keep growing this variety!!” -P Sherman.